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I must say that I’d rather enjoy all of the various marketing pushes relating to “The  Cloud”.

It sort of has that mythical sense of a nirvana state that we have all heard about, sometimes just a rumor, a place or state of being that we all strive toward, hoping to one day reach this mysterious but wonderful place.  And when you finally reach, arrive at or obtain “The Cloud”, all of your problems simply melt away in the warm noon sun.  You can then relax, enjoying the warm sand, the sound of the surf and the silence, because your kids are at home with grandma.  Where do I sign up?

Now it would be great if “The Cloud” could actually solve all your problems and bring about world peace or at least peace with your noisy neighbors.  It can’t do everything but it can do some things which I think are very beneficial.  Think more of a great weekly date night with your spouse instead of a week-long vacation in the Caribbean.

Working in ‘The Cloud’, ‘The Internet’, web-based, hosted environment –  really does provide some great benefits.  I’ll take invoicing as my object lesson and how cloud invoicing benefits you and your company.

Cloud invoicing means that the hardware and software required to provide the invoicing service is something you do not have to build, maintain or purchase;  neither the software or the hardware.  Company capital budgets and IT departments are generally much tighter and more limited than they have been in the past.  This means getting a new initiative off the ground can be a bit more difficult to accomplish.  Cloud invoicing operates more on the subscription model which is much more cost-effective, flexible and a faster option.

The provider who delivers these services to you in the ‘Cloud’ has the responsibility over the software, hardware and maintenance, freeing yourself and your group to use the invoicing tools to accomplish your goals/job.  Updates, enhancements and support are significantly easier in the cloud, especially because the provider takes care of this for you, they are the experts in the software and the hardware and they have the incentive to ensure all is working up to expectations.

You may think that this is all just another version of outsourcing.  I believe it is fundamentally different in this at least this key area.  Cloud invoicing, to continue my example, is a tool for your department to use to make your job and your company better.  You are still in full control.  Just because the hammer came along and replaced the rock didn’t make people obsolete.  Someone, that is you, still uses that hammer as a new and better tool to accomplish things, better and faster.  The same is true with invoicing in the cloud.  You are the expert, still in control, and cloud invoicing is the tool to help you out.

So, check out invoicing in the cloud and you just may have more time for some warm sand and surf.

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