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There are a lot of people out there that can’t be bothered with the topic of electronic invoicing.  They are set in there ways and things are working as they always have, not perfect but manageable.  You have your AP Manager or Controller thinking that having electronic invoices flowing through the organization may sound neat, but it is not necessary and if there are no changes to the status quo  then everything is fine.

The problem is that somebody will introduce electronic invoicing into your organization, and it better be you so that you can make sure that the electronic invoices are produced, routed and paid as you want.  What I mean is that there is probably someone in your IT department who would love to make a name for themselves in the organization, and they may come up with internet invoicing as their ticket.

They will make sure that the application that they recommend will suit their needs, and not necessarily yours.  They will typically look at something that will be highly controlled by IT and will reside in their fiefdom.  Purchasing holds the same opportunity to have someone sabotage your department’s goals.  They will typically look into an application that is focused on procurement, with a slight regard to electronic invoicing.

Both of these scenarios are bad because the control is taken away from the group that needs it.  A good internet invoicing solution will allow administrators in the Accounts Payable department, to run reports, make queries, check on statuses, etc.  AP will not need IT’s involvement to run reports to see how much was spent on de-icing last November in Maine, the AP folks will be able to do that.

This is typically a good thing from an IT perspective, since they are usually overworked and under appreciated  and are glad to have menial tasks like that off of their plate.  In reality, purchasing is probably the bigger threat to a successful electronic invoice initiative.  Their goals are centered on things that they already know, and do not want to enlist the help of other departments.

All in all, it is in your best interest to get the ball rolling with electronic invoicing as soon as possible, if you don’t, someone else will!

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